Ali Mahdavi

MahdaviSemnan University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Iran

Lecturer and Assistant Professor, Deputy of College of Veterinary Medicine, Head of “Animal Science” and “Food Science and Technology” Departments

He received his Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degree in Animal Science in 1991, 2002 and 2008 respectively from Tehran University. He has worked for 7 years as a researcher at the “Animal Science Researches Institute of Iran” and now he is working as a faculty member at “Semnan University” (from Sep, 2010 till now). Research interests include:

  • Feed Evaluation
  • Ration Formulation for Dairy Cattle
  • Use of agricultural wastes as livestock feedstuff
  • Feed additives and herbal plants
  • Producing safe and healthy meat and milk for humans
  • Rumen microbiology and manipulating

Attending the “International Conference Steps to Sustainable Livestock” Conference is a precious opportunity to get involved, know and learn about the newest researches and findings in my field from all over the world and later on transfer it to my students.

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