Conference Bursary Awards

Bursaries for travel and accomodation have been awarded to six delegates. Read brief introductions to the recipients below.

Ali Mahdavi

MahdaviSemnan University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Iran

Lecturer and Assistant Professor, Deputy of College of Veterinary Medicine, Head of “Animal Science” and “Food Science and Technology” Departments

He received his Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degree in Animal Science in 1991, … Read more ..

Anees Cherkunnath

cherkunnathDr Anees graduated in Veterinary Science from Kerala Agricultural University (2005). He holds Post Graduate (2007) and Doctorate (2010) in Veterinary Science from Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Uttar Pradesh. He served the Government of Kerala as a Veterinary Surgeon for … Read more ..

Frederick Obese

Dr. Frederick Obese

School of Agriculture, College of Basic and Applied Sciences, University of Ghana

Dr Frederick Yeboah Obese is a Senior Lecturer in Animal Physiology and Head of Department, Department of Animal Science, School of Agriculture, College of Basic and Applied Sciences, … Read more ..

M Jordana Rivero

M Jordana RiveroUniversidad Católica de Temuco, Escuela de Agronomía, Chile

My research interest is ruminant nutrition focused on improving N use efficiency. Also NIRS applied to feeds, pastures and animal products. Breeding objectives and applied statistics are also topics of my interest.… Read more ..

NseAbasi N. Etim

NseAbasi 02Akwa Ibon State University, Dept of Animal Science, Nigeria

NseAbasi Etim obtained her M.Sc and Ph.D degrees in Animal Physiology from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State, Nigeria. She is a member of many professional bodies including the … Read more ..

Nzalawahe Jahashi

Nzalawahe JahashiSokoine University of Agriculture, Dept  of Veterinary Microbiology & Parasitology, Tanzania

Nzalawahe Jahashi’s research interests are:

  • Epidemiology of helminth parasites of Veterinary and public health importance (Fasciola, Paramphistomes Schistosoma, Taenia)
  • Anthelmintic resistance studies

The reasons to attend the conference meeting:…