Database Concept Note

Database for synthesis and predictive modelling

Projects within the Global Farm Platform initiative are expected to generate large amounts of data with value beyond the spatial and temporal boundaries of specific projects. Data sharing and the capacity within partner institutions for data transformation, data fusion and complex modelling has the potential to deliver outputs for global livestock sustainability not previously achievable. Dedicating resources for database establishment and/or development from the outset will help to realise this value. Fundamental aspects of the shared data strategy will be protocols for storage and access by members of the Initiative with appropriate protection for the rights of data owners, requirements for metadata, minimum and desirable variables to maximise the potential use of the data in predictive modelling, and common naming conventions Agreements on acknowledgement and co-authorship among partners will be an early priority. Specifics of the facility/facilities for hosting the database(s) and developing password/ permissions for access should also be an early consideration.

Beverley Henry

Sarah Collier

Jennifer Dungait

September 2014

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