Deepa Ananth

DeepaAnanthAssistant Professor at Director of Extension’s Office, Mannuthy

Institution: Kerala State Veterinary and Animal Sciences University

Dr. Deepa Ananth completed her PhD in Animal Nutrition from Karnataka Veterinary and FisheriesUniversity in the year 2007 and her dissertation was on ‘Nutritional Upgradation of Rice Straw through Rumen Fermentation and Manipulation’. She has been working with the Kerala Veterinary and Animal University since 2010 as Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal Nutrition. Her key areas of interests are:

  • precision farming
  • methane mitigation
  • developing commodity interest groups for sustainable livestock production focusing on livelihood security
  • knowledge transfer and women empowerment

She has developed farmer-friendly feed formulation software for dairy animal by incorporating locally available feed ingredients. She regularly provides consultancy services in balanced feed formulations for different farming systems. Dr. Deepa Ananth has recently developed an indigenously designed machine for pet food and developed balanced pet food for adult dogs for maintenance. She is also handling the key position in the Directorate of Entrepreneurship in the University in charge of Trainings and Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Deepa Ananths’ areas of expertise are in the fields of ruminant nutrition, pet and elephant nutrition, precision nutrition, methane mitigation, fodder quality management and conducting need based research in developing Commodity Interest groups.

She has done research papers in the following fields:

  • ‘Performance Evaluation of Cassava hay based Complete Pelleted Ration on Growing Malabari kids’
  • ‘Effect of Tamarind (Tamarindus Indica) Seed Tannin on In vitro Biomass Production and Substrate Degradation of Aerobic Rice Straws’
  • ‘Strategic fodder management for enhancing the productivity of Livestock in changing climate Scenario’
  • ‘Implementing precision feeding in Chittoor Thaluk of Palakkad district through ration balancing software “Ksheeraprabha”’
  • ‘Effect of Tamarind seed tannin, Mulberry saponin and their combination on in-vitro dry matter degradability, gas and microbial biomass production of Aerobic rice straw’

She has also authored a book on balanced feeding for ruminants and several chapters in the University publications and published several scientific and popular articles.

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