Palo a Pique, Uruguay

INIA Logo (c)“Palo a Pique” Experiment Unit (UEPP), is representative of the Rolling Uplands Zone, dedicated to research on: cow-calf and sheep livestock systems, pastures, and crops and livestock rotation systems.

• High Upland or Hill Zone, with moderate to steep slopes, and a high proportion of shallow soils, is clearly an area for livestock.
• Rolling Upland Zone, with more gentle slopes and deeper soils, it is also livestock country although it potentially allows for a conservationist mixed livestock and crops farming.
• Lowland or Rice Plains Zone, so called because of its characteristic flat topography and for the typical crop farmed in these soils.

Most of the area is dedicated to extensive farming systems, with beef and wool as the most important products of this region.

INIA, Uruguay

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Contacts: Dr Walter AyalaDr. Fabio Montossi

Palo a Pique Cattle