Graeme Martin

Winthrop Professor, Deputy Director/Animal Production Systems Program Deputy Leader

Institution: University of Western Australia

GBM at Bendigo 2011Graeme Martin gained his degree in Agricultural Science in 1975 and his PhD in 1983, both from The University of Western Australia (UWA). He then worked for 2 years in France (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, Tours) and 3 years in Scotland (Medical Research Council, Edinburgh) before returning to Australia for a joint position in CSIRO and UWA. After moving full-time to the University, he was promoted to Professor (Chair) in 2001. He has spent major periods of sabbatical leave in France, Mexico and the UK (the most recent being in Oxford, 2013-14).

Over 4 decades, his research has focussed on brain pathways through which environmental factors influence the reproductive system. He has worked mostly with the sheep, as a model and as an industrial animal, depending on the funding source! However, his biological interests are broad and he has also studied reproduction in birds (especially the emu), marsupials, dogs, cattle, rodents, and, more recently, large endangered African mammals. He has published about 300 refereed papers, has been cited over 5000 times, and has an h-index of 40. He has trained around 40 PhD students to completion.

In addition, Graeme is committed to science communication (peer-to-peer, and to industry and community). He teaches the discipline at undergraduate level and runs postgraduate workshops. His work has been featured at least 200 times in mass media.

Since 2004, he has been broadening the scope of his research and making serious efforts to use science to transform livestock industries and to change our thinking about how we can feed the world without destroying the planet.

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