Graeme Martin

Graeme MartinWinthrop Professor, Deputy Director/Animal Production Systems Program Deputy Leader

Partner institution: University of Western Australia

Farm Platform: Future Farm 2050

Profile: Graeme grew up on a farm in Western Australia (WA) then, at the University of WA, graduated in Agricultural Science in 1975 and gained his doctorate in 1981 in the field of reproductive hormones in sheep. He then worked for 2 years with the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) in France (Tours) and for 3 years with the Medical Research Council in the UK (Edinburgh). In 1986, he returned to WA to take up a joint position at The University of WA and CSIRO’s then Division of Animal Production. He reached the level of full Professor (Chair) at The University of WA in 2001.
His research covers the spectrum of basic and applied science, but focuses on how the brain measures the environment (food supply, night-length, socio-sexual signals, stress) and then formulates and implements a strategy for reproductive success. His long-term goal is to use this understanding to develop ‘clean, green and ethical’ systems of livestock production. The ultimate application of this concept is found in the UWA Future Farm 2050 Project. He has published over 275 peer-reviewed articles, been cited 4600 times (h-index: 38) and appeared over 200 times in mass media. He has supervised 30 PhD students. For a detailed science profile, see his ResearchGate site


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