How to Make a Cover Page for an Essay

How to Make a Cover Page for an Essay

A cover page is normally required when writing essays especially the academic ones. Although the MLA and APA cover page format styles differ considerably, a typical cover page of an essay normally contains the name of the author and the submission date of the particular essay. In addition, it has the topic of the essay, the institutional affiliation and the name of the course. Some cover pages might also include the name of the professor of the course. When writing the cover page of an essay there are some guidelines on the font and the spacing to use. It is important to look at them prudently before making submissions of the final electronic copy or the printed form of the essay. As a result, one will be able to write an essay well following all the requirements of the cover page as well as the general format.

When writing the cover page of an essay, one usually follows the specifications of the format given by the professor. There are a number of essentials when writing an essay using the MLA format. The words on the cover page stay double-spaced and centered in a horizontal way.  The name of the university or college is written just below the top margin. The title of the essay is a third of the page down from the top usually in a different font size. If there is any subtitle, it follows then the name of the author followed by the name of the course then the professor’s name and lastly the due date of the essay.

According to canadian write my essay, the way to make a cover page on an essay with the APA format involves spacing the title down the page approximately a third of the way down the page. The title should be precise as much as possible by eliminating abbreviations or any extra words. When writing the title, apply the title case capitalization which implies the capitalization of only important words. Then place your name under the title using the first name, middle initial or initials and the last name. Then place your institutional affiliation. The next steps are to select the text on the cover page and make it double-spaced then centre it horizontally. The last step in making the cover page is to add a running header, which goes at the top of your paper and runs through the rest of the paper. When making the running head add the page number by selecting insert, then header, then edit header, then the top of the page then plain number three to ensure that it stays at the upper right-hand corner. However, the header of the first page is different since it will have the word running head. In order to have the header of the cover page different from the rest, you will click different first page at the top of the screen to omit the word running head in the other pages.

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