Imke de Boer

Imke de BoerProfessor of Animal Production Systems

Institution: Animal Production Systems Group, Wageningen UR

In September 1984 Imke de Boer started her study Animal Sciences at Wageningen University. In March 1989 she graduated with distinction (major thesis both in Animal Breeding and Genetics and in Animal Health). In February 1990 she started her PhD at the Animal Breeding and Genetics Group, which she defended in September 1994 (Title: The
use of clones in dairy cattle breeding).

In June 1994 she started her work as assistant professor (0.6 position) at the Animal Production Systems group, which was founded in 1992. In April 2008 she got a 0.8 position as assistant professor. In September 2010 she became associate professor (0.8 position).

In the first years at APS, she focused on setting up new courses (e.g. Systems Approach in Animal Sciences) and explored the new research area of sustainable development of animal production systems. She gradually developed her own research domain focusing on the development of tools to evaluate and monitor the contribution of innovations in animal production systems to sustainable development, with special emphasis on life cycle assessment (LCA).

In September 2011 she became Professor of Animal Production Systems (APS). The focus of the APS group is to unravel the complexity of livestock systems and to generate and integrate knowledge to allow analysis and design of animal production systems that

  • Use resources efficiently (e.g. land, water, fossil phosphorus, fossil energy).
  • Minimize emissions into the environment (e.g. greenhouse gases, ammonia).
  • Respect animals (e.g. animal welfare and health).
  • Contribute to the livelihood of people (e.g. food safety and security, income,
  • employment).

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