INIA, Uruguay

INIA LogoInstituto National de Investigación Agropecuaria (INIA)

The National Institute of Agricultural Research is a governmental institution ruled by non-state private law. Its mission is to generate and adapt knowledge and technologies in order to contribute to a sustainable development of the agricultural sector and the Country as a whole, taking into account State policies, social inclusion and market and consumer demands. The Extensive Livestock Production System and the Crop-Livestock Production System are two of the different areas that INIA is currently working on. The first system includes livestock mostly produced on natural grasslands combined with oversown and/or improved swards, whereas the second refers to the husbandry carried out in close association with annual crop production, such as soybean or wheat.

Institutional website

National Meat & Wool Research Programme

Farm Platform: Palo a Pique

Contact: Dr Fabio Montossi, Dr Walter Ayala

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