Michael Lee

Head of Site, North Wyke Farm Platform, Rothamsted Research

Chair in Sustainable Livestock Systems and Food Security, University of Bristol

Stakeholders Committee Chair
British Society of Animal Science Council

Partner institutions: Rothamsted ResearchUniversity of Bristol Veterinary Michael LeeSchool

  • Graduated with first class honors degree in animal science from the University of Wales in 1997.
  • BBSRC PhD from University of Aberdeen in 2001 working on improving nitrogen and energy metabolism in ruminants
  • Worked at the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research (IGER) on methods to improve animal product quality and safety (2001-2008)
  • Following the merger of IGER with Aberystwyth University in 2008 Michael continued his work on product quality of grazing livestock.
  • In April 2013 moved to University of Bristol Vet School as Reader in Sustainable Livestock Systems and Food Security. The position was a joint appointment with North Wyke-Rothamsted Research to work on the BBSRC farm platform within the Food Security and Land Research Alliance (FSLRA).
  • He has been instrumental in setting up the Global Farm Platform initiative and in March 2014 jointly published a Nature Comment paper on Steps to Sustainable Livestock Production.
  • Michael recently (1st March 2015) was appointed as the new head of site at North Wyke, Rothamsted Research and awarded a Chair from the University of Bristol as a joint appointment between the two institutes.

Selection of papers

  • LEE M.R.F. 2014. Forage polyphenol oxidase and ruminant livestock nutrition. Frontiers in Plant Science 5: Article 694 doi10.3389/fpls.2014.00694 (100%)
  • LEE M.R.F., THEOBALD V.J., GORDON N., LEYLAND M., TWEED J.K.S., FYCHAN R., SCOLLAN N.D. 2014. The effect of high polyphenol oxidase grass silage on metabolism of polyunsaturated fatty acids and nitrogen across the rumen of beef steers. Journal of Animal Science 92: 5076-5087. (60%)
  • EISLER M.C., LEE M.R.F., TARLTON J.F., MARTIN G.B., BEDDINGTON J., DUNGAIT J.A.J., GREATHEAD H., LIU J., MATHEW S., MILLER H., MISSELBROOK T., MURRAY P., VINOD V.K., VAN SAUN R., WINTER M. 2014. Steps to sustainable livestock. Nature 507: 32-34. (40%)
  • LEE M. R. F., THEOBALD V.J., OUGHAM H.E., VEBERG DAHL V., LUNDBY F., SCOLLAN, N.D., WOLD J-P. 2010. Natural fluorophores and the potential of chlorophyll based markers to optimise the fluorescence as a real-time solution for the detection of faecal contamination on carcasses. Meat Science 86: 966-975. (60%)
  • LEE M. R. F., WINTERS A. L., SCOLLAN N. D., DEWHURST R. J., THEODOROU M. K., MINCHIN F. R. 2004. Plant mediated lipolysis in red clover with different polyphenol oxidase activities. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 84: 1639-1645. (60%)

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