Summary of Platforms

The Global Farm Platform comprises a network of individual model farms or ‘farm platforms’.

Use the map to select a Farm Platform or Partner Institution, or click on the name of a Farm Platform in the table below to see more details.

CountryFarm PlatformZoneClimate ZoneBiomeFocus
AustraliaFuture Farm 2050SubtropicalWarm temperate, dryMediterraneanAgro-ecology: clean, green & ethical
IndiaSilent ValleyTropicalTropical, wetRainforestIndigenous livestock & grazing plants
New ZealandDairy Farm No.1TemperateWarm temperate, moistSubtropical rainforestGrazing dairy
UKNorth WykeTemperateCool temperate, moistBroadleaf forestGrassland nutrients
UruguayPaolo a PiqueSubtropicalWarm temperate, moistSteppe (pampas)Pasture rotation beef
USA Great Plains GrazingTemperateWarm temperate, drySteppeRangeland beef
USAPioneer FarmTemperateCool temperate, moistBroadleaf forestBeef and dairy
USASustainable DairyTemperateCool temperate, moistBroadleaf forestGrazing dairy
USAWisconsin Integrated Cropping Systems TrialTemperateCool temperate, moistBroadleaf forestIntegrated cropping and livestock