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University of Wisconsin - MadisonDepartment of Agronomy

Feeding 9 Billion People and Creating a Healthier, More Resilient Agriculture

That is the challenge taken up by the faculty, staff and students of the Department of Agronomy.  We generate and apply knowledge about plants that feed and benefit humankind.  We find and implement answers to problems and opportunities concerning efficiency and sustainability of crop production and in safe and environmentally-sound ways. We generate knowledge on the genetics, biochemistry and physiology of plants. We study the interactions among cropping systems, climate, and the environment. We work to ensure that agricultural systems and products in Wisconsin and the world are able to meet rapidly-changing needs and those of future generations.

Institutional website

Dairy Coordinated Agricultural Project (CAP)

Farm Platform: Wisconsin Integrated Cropping Systems Trial

Contacts: Professor Molly Jahn, Dr Sarah Collier, Dr Gregg Sanford

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