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The Laboratory of Ruminant Nutrition belongs to the discipline of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science (Key Discipline of MOA in 2000, National Key Discipline in 2007). It plays an important role in the National Engineering Laboratory for Feed Safety and Pollution Control, China Ministry of Education (MoE) Key Laboratory of Molecular Animal Nutrition, and China Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) Key Laboratory of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science. Research interests in the LRN include lactation biology and dairy nutrition, efficient utilization of feed resources, rumen microbiology metagenomics, rumen physiology and fermentation manipulation, reduction of nitrogen and phosphorus release to the environment, etc. Research funding sources include the Ministry of Science & Technology, National Natural Science Foundation of China, MoE, MoA, Provincial Department of S & T, and industry.

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Contact: Prof. Jianxin Liu

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